On Blogging

At it’s core, the World Wide Web is about connecting people and information together. Consequently, that “traditional” style blogging is making a comeback (via this), should be no surprise.

I never was a real blogger (by which I mean a person who not only blogs, but also has actual readers and who interacts with an actual community). Along with everyone else around about 2004 or 2005, I discovered Blogger, spun up a few blogs, had a brief productive period, then quickly abandoned the project. I had grand designs and and open mind.

I’m interested in writing again. This seems like a good medium to explore that urge. Partly, this urge to write (really write) comes out of frustration with platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Frustration not because I’m a product being sold, but because Twitter and Facebook foster fragmented writing, trite social interaction, and consequently a fragmented and trite kind of thinking.

Blogging again, is a practice, or an activity I do to reclaim a deeper, more mindful way of thinking and being.


  1. Some old-fashioned blogging in the link-and-comment style (Jay Rosen, pressthink.org)
  2. “Bloggy to the Core” Indeed (Scott Rosenberg, wordyard.com)
  3. The Hive Mind Migrates (Scott Rosenberg, wordyard.com)

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