Public Journal

So much for publishing the reading reviews “roughly every two weeks”. I’m journaling in private again too, after a break since roughly 2001. In any case, let’s see what happens here.


I’m going to write about whatever I want in these public journals. Nothing too personal, just something to exercise my writing. The 2005 blogosphere called, it’s back!

I’m off Facebook and Twitter (again)—mostly just lurking on Instagram. Facebook and Twitter are mind garbage anyway that I don’t particularly need right now. Trying to figure out what I want—what’s really me anyway? is the question here.

The Weather

It’s been a cold winter already. Yesterday’s high of 67 degrees F notwithstanding.

My kitchen faucet is randomly leaking again. It did this a few years back. Then I just put a drip bucket underneath the sink; it stopped leaking, and promptly forgot about it.

Initially I thought this round of leaks were due to the cold weather, but last night (when it was 60 degrees, and 76 in the apartment), after having not leaked all day, it started dripping at such a rapid rate it would have filled the small drip bucket in several hours. I closed the shutoff valves not wanting to tempt fate while sleeping.

Moments later, while brushing my teeth, using the cold water, I was greeted by a particularly high pressure stream. This has happened before, though not to such a degree as this time. The neighborhood water pressure seems to be fluctuating for some reason. (There is a new water tower in the neighborhood, but it’s been in service for a couple months now.) If true, this could account for the seemingly random behavior of the leaking faucet.

After this, I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening watching some YouTube videos about faucet maintenance. Good times!

Realtime follow-up: This morning I used the kitchen faucet for breakfast and making coffee, all without it leaking a single drop. And now, around noon, I was checking on it and noticed no signs of leaks under the sink, but obvious drops of water in the sink. That is new. This morning I had fidgeted with the universal valve attempting to tighten it, but did not think I had accomplised anything, perhaps I had. Speculating that the high pressure had returned, I went to the bathroom faucet and sure enough there was a rather intense burst of pressure for about 5 seconds before it went back to normal.

This could be a rather un-funny piece on The Onion.

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